Yoga pictures of Jessy
Old Women of Chinatown
Old amahs (maids) at the steps of Chinatown in Singapore. Photos from the old days in Singapore. Exhibition at Leica Gallery.
Queens of the Night - Transvestites in Asia
Ah Kwah - Sisters as they are called in South East Asia are named the best looking women of Asia.
Chaqa - Portraits under a street lamp
Portraits of a drag queen after his performance. Photo shooting under a street lamp with analogue film.
Hommage to my home town
Art work of varoius projects
Architectural photos
Coloured Glass
Coloured Glass is used for the interior design of a hotel
Children of North Thailand
Pictures of tribal children in remote parts of northern Thailand. I joined a welfare tour by the organisation 'The Tour of Hope' to visit their projects.
German metal toys from the 50's - a perfect decoration
German metal toys from the 50's were so eloborately painted and every manufacturer exceeds in mechanical innovation - a perfection not seen now-a-days. These pictures are a perfect wall decoration.
Bondi Beach - A Sunday afternoon
A sunny afternoon spent at Bondi Beach - Sydney NSW Australia
Merry Christmas
9 beautiful antique tin Santa Claus pose for Christmas card
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